The A Star System

Our new, innovative software makes dealing with pupil attendance easier, as it offers a comprehensive solution to attendance monitoring, tracking, intervention and reporting. It will manage every aspect of pupils attendance, without the need to produce endless reports.

Our unique software program extracts the attendance information you have already recorded in your management information system. Our software will transform the way in which education institutions, monitor, scrutinise, report and deal with pupil attendance through more targeted support. It will reduce the administrative burden and it will enable attendance and administration staff to focus on supporting pupils with attendance issues as it eliminates the time spent on retrieving, examining and compiling data to manage and challenge pupil non-attendance.  All of this is achieved through a user-friendly dashboard within our website.

The A Star System in use

What does The A Star System do?

Online Database for Whole School Attendance

With one click, whole school pupil attendance data is evaluated, enabling real-time data analysis and managing the next steps in facilitating improvements to individual pupil and whole school attendance. The database will direct the next course of action to be taken if a pupil’s attendance is not improving at a consistent rate.

Letters and Action Plans

Where there is insufficient progress with attendance for an individual pupil, sequential letters are generated from The A Star System, advancing from an initial concern letter to formal monitoring periods and subsequent action plans.

Home Visits

The A Star System will automatically and periodically coordinate timely attendance home visits for school staff to carry out. Following a home visit, the outcome is recorded electronically in real time.

Welfare Visits

The A Star System is designed to allow the welfare and safeguarding of students to be at the forefront of school’s thoughts. The A Star System believes in the welfare of children by supporting and empowering schools. Welfare home visits are generated by the system to empower schools with assurance of a pupil’s safety and well-being.

LA Referrals

The A Star System recall’s chronological attendance, all pupils’ interventions are recorded in a clear and easy to understand report. All letters, action plan, minutes of meeting are saved in a secure environment within the system. This enables school attendance teams to gather information readily and quickly in preparation for local authority attendance team referrals.


At a touch of a button The A Star System provides:
Detailed professional individual pupil reports which include all actions taken from your pupil’s chronology.

You can also collate and report on your school's actions and monitoring responses for vulnerable groups.

How much does our system cost?

Primary Schools

Prices Starting From £995

Secondary Schools

Prices Starting From £2495

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What people are saying about us

A Star Attendance provide a fantastic service which perfectly complements the strategies and approaches that we have in place as a school. As an organisation they provide the perfect blend of people focused strategies aimed at offering encouragement alongside clear, methodical approaches towards ensuring that no child slips through the net and every attendance concern is addressed. They have been invaluable in helping to move our overall school attendance up by a whole percentage point and our persistent absence closer to 8%.

Mark Cowan Attendance Lead, Egglescliffe School

A Star Attendance has provided us with a supportive, friendly, and reliable service which has effectively improved our overall attendance levels, reaching 97.1% last year.

Mrs Denise Cushlow Head Teacher, St John Boste Catholic Primary School

It has been a pleasure to work with A Star Attendance over the last twelve months. Their commitment and desire to make a difference to the lives of young people is total. They have a wealth of experience in attendance which has been vital to us as a school. The staff within A Star Attendance have quickly established themselves as part of our school community and through their work have helped to uncover barriers to attendance both for individual pupils and as a whole school. The systems that they bring with them are clear, but they constantly look to further improve and refine their work to have the biggest impact in the work that they do.

James Davenport Attendance Lead, St Patrick Catholic College

A Star Attendance provides us with a quality service which meets the needs of Oxclose Primary Academy. They are a professional and efficient team, who are invaluable in supporting the Academy with all attendance matters.

Mrs A Bolam Head Teacher, Oxclose Primary Academy

A Star attendance has worked alongside our attendance team to ensure maximum success in improving the school’s attendance level over the past 18 months. Using positive in school intervention and support within the community, the profile of attendance has been raised with staff, students and parents.

Mrs K Pritchard Assistant Vice Principal Learning & Support, St Patrick’s Catholic College

A Star Attendance work tirelessly with our school to provide reliable and realistic support and advice. The support of our Attendance Officer, particularly during these very challenging times, is much appreciated

Mrs L Peart Head Teacher, St John Bosco RC Primary School

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