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Together we will improve attendance and raise the outcomes for students.

Our vision was to create an “attendance reporting system” that was simple to use and could be accessed from any mobile device, by any school no matter what the size, in order to tackle pupil attendance simply and effortlessly.

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Gives you the full power to quickly and easily respond and monitor pupil attendance from end to end.


A pro-active solution that is reliable, secure, intelligent and supports with Ofsted judgements.


Efficient and cost effective system, offering strategies and solutions that helps pupils to succeed whilst reducing the admin burden of monitoring attendance.

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Attendance lesson plan’s, workshops and assembly resources are made available free on our website every term. If you would like to share your ideas for improving attendance please contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to share them on our resource page.

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What people are saying about us

The A Star system has been a game-changer for our school's approach to attendance. It's allowed us to conduct a thorough analysis of attendance data, giving us insights we've never had before due to time consuming administrative tasks. The best part is that it's not just the management and analysis of data—it's how the entire staff, especially the pastoral team, has become more focused on improving attendance thanks to the support this system and our attendance team. The A Star system has drastically reduced the administrative burden that used to come with tracking and managing attendance, and this has had a noticeable impact on staff well-being. Instead of spending countless hours on manual tasks, our team can now dedicate their time to meaningful interventions and support, which is where we really see the difference with our students and their parents/carers. Quite simply, the results speak for themselves. Since implementing the A Star system, our school's attendance improved by 3% in the first year alone. In our second year, attendance continues to improve. On top of that, the A Star support team is fantastic—always ready to help and guide us whenever we need it. If you're considering a solution to boost and support the management of school attendance, I can't recommend A Star enough!

Ian Cooper Deputy Principal, Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy

We have been using the A Star system now for about 18 months. The key change that we have noticed is the amount of time our attendance team have for other interventions and supportive measures, that previously they were spending running reports and producing letters to send to parents. The user friendly layout of the software and excellent reporting system also makes producing legal paperwork to submit to the local authority incredibly easy for our staff. I have been in communication with a number of A Star staff members throughout our time using the product, all of who have gone above and beyond to help me and my team.

Kieron Scott Assistant Principal, Paignton Academy

A Star Attendance provide a fantastic service which perfectly complements the strategies and approaches that we have in place as a school. As an organisation they provide the perfect blend of people focused strategies aimed at offering encouragement alongside clear, methodical approaches towards ensuring that no child slips through the net and every attendance concern is addressed. It also reduces administration time, with letters populated appropriately and quickly. They have been invaluable in helping to move our overall school attendance up by a whole percentage point and our persistent absence closer to 8%. If ever we have queries, nothing is too much trouble. A star attendance solutions offer a crucial tool that underpins our strong attendance.

Mark Cowan Attendance Lead, Egglescliffe School

A Star has been transformational, in that, it acts like an attendance admin person collating information, tracking and generating the general administration requirements which take up most of the working day. This has enabled our Attendance Officer and Pastoral Team to replace the admin drain on their day to day working, to spend more time communicating with students and parents, removing barriers and supporting better attendance and overall outcomes. The relationship between the Assistant Headteacher and Attendance Officer is much more impactful and enables them to be student focused opposed to being operational. The positive impact of the system was confirmed by a 2% increase in the first six months of the programme. Currently, even with the challenges presented to all schools, we are just above National. Amazing and wouldn’t be without it!

Sarah Tinker Deputy Headteacher, Northfleet Technology College

The system is easy to install, easy to use and saves many hours of work. As the system does the checking there are no mistakes made with dates and manual checks. The override facility ensures you still have control over the letters and communication that goes to parents. The A Star team are always at the end of a phone and will reply straight away to an email. I cannot fault it.

Eileen Elliott Business Manager, Swalwell Primary School

A Star Attendance has provided us with a supportive, friendly, and reliable service which has effectively improved our overall attendance levels, reaching 97.1% last year.

Mrs Denise Cushlow Head Teacher, St John Boste Catholic Primary School

A-Star Attendance has provided a fantastic service for our school. The system provided ensures that attendance for all children can be monitored easily and effectively, providing a whole school overview where information is stored in an easy to manage format. The technical support provided, as well as the support provided by our attendance officer, is excellent. Highly recommended!

Jonny Anderson Head Teacher, St Bede's Catholic Primary School

We have found A-Star Attendance to be an essential tool in monitoring our attendance across school. It is extremely user-friendly and has enabled us to identify any trends in attendance quickly and easily.

Sarah Bertenshaw Nursery Teacher, St Charles' Catholic Primary School

The A Star System has had a huge impact on our school and our ability to accurately track attendance. I have worked with A Star for several years in my role as Head Teacher and have always employed their expert services to ensure our attendance policies, procedures and systems are outstanding. We believe that this service provides excellent value for money and provides us with the peace of mind that we are compliant and highly responsive to all attendance issues. Comprehensive training ensures all understand and are engaged with the system and find it exceptionally useful and easy to follow. As a direct result, our internal reporting systems are robust and daily procedures thorough and consistently applied. A Star are responsive to our needs and because they follow national frameworks precisely, regular updates ensure that guidance and advice is current and supportive to ensure we achieve the very best outcomes for our pupils and their families. A Star are dedicated to providing expert and outstanding service and are always only a phone call away – offering peace of mind and attention to detail for all attendance matters. We believe that working with A Star’s system has strengthened our work in school, improved our systems and procedures and given us the confidence, language and the knowledge to challenge attendance effectively.

Lindsay Robertson Headteacher, Willow Wood Community Primary School

Using A Star has reduced admin time, has helped to monitor attendance more effectively in school and it is easier to see each child's attendance history. I have rarely needed to speak to someone from A Star but when I have customer service has always been quick, helpful and efficient. I have always promoted A Star to other schools.

Sandra Hutchison Office Administrator, Jarrow Cross C of E Primary School

The use of A Star Attendance has had a very positive impact on attendance in our school. The system is easy to use and very efficient meaning our attendance processes are now consistent and well communicated with families. The tracking and reporting systems save lots of time!

Ashley Emmerson Headteacher, Barnwell Academy

I am very satisfied with the A star system and look forward to the exciting new developments that Jill Robson shared with me recently. The new planned developments will make the system even more efficient and effective. Washington Academy was the first school in the Consilium trust to use A Star systems and now it is being utilized in the majority of our schools. The support and customer services are speedy and second to none and I would highly recommend it to any schools interested in the system in the future.

Amanda Bryden Attendance Manager, Washington Academy

Using A Star has allowed Broadway to streamline their attendance process to enable tracking to be more accurate and personalised to the individual, resulting in less time spent on administration and manual data tracking. A Star are always willing to take forward any feedback given which could allow the user to utilise the systems capabilities to its full potential. Since moving over to A Star our parents work with school as they understand the structured, uniform stage by stage process is in place to offer support to overcome attendance barriers.

Gayle Robson Admin Assistant, Broadway Junior School

What a game changer A Star Attendance is! As attendance lead this has saved me so much time. We have been using the A Star System to monitor our attendance for a couple of years now and can't imagine being without it. Our attendance continues to be around 97% because it tracks all the children and alerts me to which children's attendance is a concern. It also allows me to create a chronological log of events, support offered, meeting etc for each child which can be printed out whenever it is needed. The system is very easy to use but if you do need any support, Jill and her team are there whenever you need them.

Sally O'Connor Assistant Headteacher, Rickleton Primary School

It has been a pleasure to work with A Star Attendance over the last twelve months. Their commitment and desire to make a difference to the lives of young people is total. They have a wealth of experience in attendance which has been vital to us as a school. The staff within A Star Attendance have quickly established themselves as part of our school community and through their work have helped to uncover barriers to attendance both for individual pupils and as a whole school. The systems that they bring with them are clear, but they constantly look to further improve and refine their work to have the biggest impact in the work that they do.

James Davenport Attendance Lead, St Patrick Catholic College

A Star Attendance provides us with a quality service which meets the needs of Oxclose Primary Academy. They are a professional and efficient team, who are invaluable in supporting the Academy with all attendance matters.

Mrs A Bolam Head Teacher, Oxclose Primary Academy

A Star attendance has worked alongside our attendance team to ensure maximum success in improving the school’s attendance level over the past 18 months. Using positive in school intervention and support within the community, the profile of attendance has been raised with staff, students and parents.

Mrs K Pritchard Assistant Vice Principal Learning & Support, St Patrick’s Catholic College

A Star Attendance has been an absolutely fantastic resource. It has given us greater opportunity to work strategically with parents and students to improve attendance by focusing on the root of the issue. In the first month alone, we saw a 2% increase in attendance figures with Pupil Premium, SEND and Boys now at National Average. The impact has been transformational.

Rachel Donohue Principal, Academy 360

A Star Attendance work tirelessly with our school to provide reliable and realistic support and advice. The support of our Attendance Officer, particularly during these very challenging times, is much appreciated

Mrs L Peart Head Teacher, St John Bosco RC Primary School