Does it really matter, one day off?

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A poem from M. Cowan at Egglescliffe School:

The car has gone:

Mum’s at work – hooray!

Go back to bed,

A duvet day.

What’s the harm?

I’ve got a cough

And does it really matter

One day off?


One day, two days

Turns to three.

I can’t go back

I’ve got PE.

Then it’s English,

No chance, no fear.

He’s deadly boring

Old Shakespeare.

Mum’s none the wiser,

It’s pretty cool

That she thinks I’m there

All day at school!


I’ve got a cough

Does it really matter

One more day off?


I can’t go back,

I’m so far behind

The getting up early

The daily grind.

They’ll point and stare

They’ll snigger and peer

They’ll shout “Who are you?

You’re never here!”

I’ll get embarrassed,

I’ll go all red,

So it’s easier to stay in bed.


I’ve got a cough

Does it really matter

One more week off?


I’m in a pickle,

I’m in a stew.

If I’d only thought,

If I only knew

That knowing less,

That missing school

Is maybe not so very cool.


M. Cowan

Attendance Lead

Egglescliffe School